Installation and Care


In most cases, your glass comes ready to hang with a chain or leather tie. If you want to hang your piece in a window, I recommend a sturdy hook secured into the wooden window frame or wall. I'm not a fan of suction cups. These pieces are heavy. Over time suction cups can detach, causing your piece to fall and break! We don't want that! So please, don't use suction cups. For wall hanging, a nail will work for smaller pieces. Always nail into a stud or use an anchor and screw in drywall. 


Glass Care:

Your glass will come clean and polished. You may never need to clean your piece other than dusting. Over time, the frame will oxidize and develop a natural patina. If this happens, you can gently clean with a soft cloth or a Q-tip in the corners. Never use cleaning products containing solvents or ammonia, such as glass cleaners or alcohol. *This can break down the solder.



I use genuine leather in my products. Take extra care of your leather items. Wipe dirt and dust away with a soft cloth. Liquids can cause damage and discoloration to leather. Blot away moisture with a clean cloth or paper towel as soon as possible. You can keep your leather supple by conditioning it every 3-6 months. Test the conditioner on a hidden area prior to full conditioner application. The leather conditioner will darken the leather. All leather items have been conditioned prior to shipping.



*This product contains lead. Care should be taken during and after handling. Always wash your hands after handling the product.

Do not allow children to to touch or play with the product. Do not put the product in your mouth or anyone else’s.